5 Ways to Get Involve and Belong.

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There are times in life where I found myself feeling like I didn’t belong.  As a teenager, I can often remember saying to myself that I didn’t want to be labeled.  No matter how hard I tried not to be classified, it seemed as though others would.  I would purposely not pin myself to groups and hung out with who I wanted.  But, the reality of life is that we all were made to belong.  The universe around us has shown that groups and communities shapes us and help us to discover who we are.  We build confidence and establish credibility with those we associate with.  We were born to define, to be connected to, and to love the world around us.  Here are five ways to get involve and belong:

  1. Change your thinking. What you think about yourself matters greatly. If you are hard on yourself and constantly put yourself down, chances are you are also attracting those who criticize and put you down as well.  Change how you talk to yourself and others, and change who you associate yourself with.
  2. Define who you are.  The saying”If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” is so true. If you don’t define who you are, society will decide for you. Knowing what you want in life and being determined to be on the rode to self discovery gives you a roadmap to gauge in who you want to associate with.
  3. Place yourself with those who are great. Once you know what you want and your at peace with your spirit, associate yourself with those who are alike.  Being in a positive place with yourself is good but isn’t enough to keep you there. You must set yourself up for success by placing yourself with great successful people.
  4. Get outside of your comfort zone.  One of the most self destructive things you can do is isolate from others and remain in your comfort zone.  A lot of times we are creatures of habit and we get used to routine or the way we use to do things. Get out of what what you know, and get into what you don’t know’t order to grow.  You have to push yourself and retrain your thinking.  Although it could be frightening do it anyway. Challenge yourself by looking at others and finding something you can relate too that you admire in that person.
  5. Connect quickly.  We often talk ourselves out of great relationships, great people and businesses partnerships all because we are afraid we may make a fool out of ourselves.  Find those who you want to model after and relationships that are going to lift you up and encourage you to keep going. Whether in relationships or business, networking/connecting is the key to success!  Get connected and involve even if you are afraid!

How to Deal with A Shifting Moment


I can remember growing up as a teen having dry skin and scarring on my feet from eczema, I use to be so ashamed of showing my feet because of scars.  One day I got tired of hiding my feet in the summertime and wearing socks whenever people would come over to visit.

The day I set myself free from my worries of hiding, was the day I stopped caring of what everybody would think, thought or would say.  It turned out that the moment I stopped paying attention to the thing I was worried about, it turned to be a lot better than I expected because nobody cared or made a big idea about it.  We all have something we concern ourselves with of what others might think.

A few months after my dad had passed, I decided that I didn’t want to live my life with regrets in not accomplishing what I’ve always wanted to do.  I decided that I no longer wanted to live a lie fitting into this box of certain standards, making only a certain amount with a cap level concerning my degree and working by someone else’s standards of what’s acceptable.   There just had to be more for me, taking this leap of faith and literally moving  in a different direction but also mentally moving, I shifted.  Shifting is when you move from one gear of momentum to that of an accelerated pace.

There’s something that happens when you have a shifting moment. There’s something that causes you to push yourself further or lag behind.  Sometimes, if not careful, that lagging behind causes you to get in a sluggish mode and eventually things slow down.  But when you come to a point in life where you say to yourself “I can’t take it anymore, something has to give,” your mindset shifts and you switch gears.  Nothing seems to ever be the same , because now that I am in this unfamiliar territory all things become a rush of excitement, nerves, and heightened emotions.

I became vulnerable, with insecurities that lied doormat and new insecurities that come up.  Now in my shifting moment, I take every situation and new challenges and I face them head on.  I acknowledge my insecurities by bringing them up and talk it through with someone.  Sometimes I write them down and I make a decision to not let it be an hinderance and push through them.  By acknowledging your fears or concerns aloud helps me to deal with them and process them a lot better.

I don’t try to push them down or deny how I feel, but now I embrace each moment and create new ways to push through them.  My shifting moment is now allowing myself to be vulnerable to the world and show others that its okay to feel all emotions, and not deny them, create real feelings that others can relate to, connect with and change lives.


5 Ways To Change Your Mindset from Lack

Now a days there are more media outlets that show us signs of lack; from news, to social media to even people around us.  It seems as though it has become a daily norm to talk about the deficiencies in our society as though we didn’t know it exists.  What’s striking is the moment we decide to become the author of our life and take charge by allowing only positivity in our life, others suddenly have something to say against our choices.  Being optimistic about life is not a one time thing, it is a daily conscious effort to decide what you will choose to focus on.  It takes practice and is far less easy than to go with majority of thoughts and naysayers.  So what happens when you have all this negative energy, thoughts and naysayers coming your way?  Good question.

Well, good news is that you can control your mental filter.  You are in control of your own life, you choose what you decide to filter in and filter out.  When you choose to create a “mood” around you others may call you “too in the clouds,” or “optimistic,” however optimists are the ones that are leaders, business owners, game changers, and are successful in whatever they decide they want because they decided not to focus on lack.  Here are five ways to kickstart your mindset into gear!

  1.  Decide what you want.  Those who don’t have a blue print for what they want to accomplish in life are aimlessly shooting in the dark hoping something will stick. Write down at least three things you want to accomplish before the year is over. Ready, set, go…
  2. Go after your dreams or goals. Block out everything that is opposing to what you want.  If its family members, watching negative shows or anything that is negative coming through your eyes, ears and mouth gate re-direct with filling in that which is good.  Remember you attract what is coming your way, so re-train your brain by consciously feeding it positivity to attract positivity. Affirmations and vision boards is an avenue to the eyes, mouth and ear gate, the more we see something, the more we say something and hear it becomes apart of who we are, thus we attract.
  3. Be aware.  It’s very easy to fall back into the trap of feeling like your lacking something.  Remind yourself what it is that you want to achieve by always putting it at the fore front of your mind.  When you feel yourself falling into the trap of negative thoughts, lack and people, quickly remove yourself and get back on track.
  4.  Be strategic. Surround yourself with others who are excited about life and where they are heading in life.  It’s harder to stay on track when you don’t have others to keep you pushing.  When you connect to others who have the same mindset as you they are  either going to ask questions that are going to challenge you.  They are going to remind you what success looks like or they are going to move you further away from what you want and and therefore create lack in your life.  It’s up to you.
  5. Know who you are.  It’s human nature to group and classify people into groups, we all do it and whether it’s right or wrong is up for debate.  However, don’t put yourself in “a box” and leave it up for others to decide your destiny or define who you are.  Create a “mission statement”…what do you want to be known for? Life is all about discovering who you are and sharing, really taking the time to explore yourself and what you want others to see about you.  Listen to your inner self and connect with all that you are, emotions and all.  After all we are all spiritual beings made create, to discover and share.

When we take the time to discover, explore and be okay with who we were designed to be, we’ll be surprised and amazed of how far we can go and the things we can achieve.  Lack is no longer apart of who we are. We are game changers, creators of our destiny, and future success stories for others to model.

Beauty Inside Out

Welcome to FreelyRenee! I chose to title this first blog as “Beauty Inside Out” because a lot of times we get so wrapped up with daily life that we sometimes forget to take care of the things that are most important.  Ourselves.  I am a busy mother who drives my teen to mostly all her functions and have a daily life that is pressing for my time, yet at most, I half way pamper my self let alone attend to my emotional and spiritual needs.  I am sure this is most Americans who have a weekly work schedule.

Beauty is not just the way we dress or what we decide to put on our face for that date.  However, it is something more, more than the superficial model we much see today on magazines and commercials.  When we actually stop and take the time to really pay attention to what our spirit is telling us, when we make that conscious effort to put healthy choices of food into our bodies and look outside ourselves  to nature, it tells us  that we are more than what we see at face value.  We are life source connected to everything we see and touch.  Looking at nature, taking deep breathes and appreciating all of life source allows us to see meaning; it connects us with who we really are.  Today, take time to see your beauty and really dig deep to allow your true beauty to shine.



Blessings x0